SpringBreak in Naples


22th - 29th May 2014
Naples, Italy


During our third international event twenty-four students from Ireland, Great Britain, USA, Algeria, Nigeria, Israel, Poland, Taiwan and Switzerland enjoyed their stay with us.
They had lots of practical activities, such as pregnancy diagnosis on buffalo, the vet job at fish market and horseracing, surgery on small animals, management of buffalo farm, new parasithology diagnostic method and necropsy on buffalo's fetus. Moreover they had the opportunity to discover the city in all its colors and of course to eat the real pizza!

VETerinary at Naples

29th April – 4th May, 2013
Naples, Italy

This was our second event, that took place in Naples, where the opportunity was given to every partecipants to live a week as a neapolitan veterinary student.


Discovering The Mediterranean Water Buffalo

26th - 30th March 2012
Eboli, Salerno


The first international IVSA event in Italy was a zootechnical activities full immersion in Campania.  Together we discovered, touched, smelled and tasted the products of our land that make us famous and proud all over the world.


Con il Reparto di Ispezione nel Centro "Latomare"

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